Many diseases can affect your eyes. Eye pathology is the set of studies that aim to study the functioning of eye diseases. It goes from the cause and all the corresponding mechanisms. These infections are multiple and important. However, it is really possible to cure them.


This disease is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It can lead to undesirable side effects such as pain, itching and tingling in the eyes. In addition, the eyes become red and pus can occur. It is not really a very serious disease, but if it is not treated in time, it can have serious consequences. Good hygiene is essential. In order to treat these small infections, it is also necessary to see a specialist doctor. In addition, addresses of ophthalmology practices and centres are not difficult to find. You will easily find what you are looking for in a web directory such as stores-locator.com which is a directory of a variety of reliable and useful medical web addresses.


It’s a disease caused by an opaque lens. It’s a lens located on the inside of the globe. It doesn’t hurt when you have this disease, but it will gradually progress in your body. This can lead to blurred visions. Changes in vision can also occur or even nearsightedness. Cataract is a permanent thing, but it is possible to improve vision. Just remove the opaque thing that is blocking the lens. This operation is not really difficult. It’s helpful to go to an ophthalmology center. You’ll be in good hands in a practice like this. This operation is very important in order to restore the condition of the eyes.


It’s a disease that affects the inner layer of the eyeball. It is the detachment of the retina. It is a vital organ whose role is to transform the light perceived by the eyes with signals that will form an image.  This dysfunction can be due to aging or hormonal changes, … To treat this type of disease, it is necessary to undergo surgery. This is something to be taken into account because if the retinal detachment is not well treated, it can lead to a loss of sight. And this in an irreversible state. You can search the best sites for health advice.