What is the best diamond ring for proposal?

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Most people think that engagement and wedding rings are the same. However, these are two different pieces of jewellery and they help celebrate different points of a relationship. You get to use an engagement ring during an engagement and exchange the wedding rings during the wedding. Both of these rings get to sit on the same finger perfectly. When looking for a good engagement diamond ring, you should consider minerals-kingdom.com. below is everything you ought to know when picking a ring.

Types of Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the hardest rocks on earth. Therefore, it’s a great material to symbolize your togetherness within a relationship. Besides being a symbol, diamonds are beautiful as well. Before buying an engagement ring, you ought to understand the different types. These unique and precious stones will add elegance to your fiancé’s persona. The most common proposal rings include:

• Pave rings – These rings have more stones thus revealing less metal. Pave engagement rings are encrusted with tiny stones along the metal band. These tiny stones make the ring seem like it's made out of diamonds. More so, the tiny stones use prongs or beads to hold them in place. They also get to compliment the centre gem. For the centre gem, you can opt for it to be a princess or round cut.
• Solitaire rings – Solitaire engagement rings are the most common types of engagement rings that you can buy. However, it's ideal if you want to keep everything elegant and simple. These rings will consist of a single gem that’s mounted at the top. The shape of the ring also makes sure that the gem gets to receive all the attention. It’s a timeless classic and it's mostly made out of smaller bands to make the gem look larger. Some variations can have thicker bands to make the gem look more distinguished and prominent.
• Sidestone rings – Sidestone rings are the ideal option for anyone who wants to compliment the centre gem. These rings will have two or more smaller stones on either side of the gem. These stones help add more brilliance to the ring thus making it more radiant.
• Channel set rings – These rings don’t use any prongs like the tension set rings. However, for the channel sets, the central gem is embedded into the metal. The ring is available in different shapes and types. For example, you can opt to embed additional stones to give the central gem a bolder look.
• Tension set rings – Tension set engagement rings are unique and modern. That’s because they are rings without any prongs to centre the stone. With these rings, the stone appears to be floating or suspended in the air. The ring holds the stone in place according to the physical force of the setting. Therefore, as the name suggests, the ring uses its tension to hold the stone. The popular stone cuts for these rings include emerald or princess cuts.
• Three stone rings – These types of engagement rings are ideal for anyone who loves some additional bling. The centre gem has two other stones surrounding it but the centre stone is elevated higher to attract more attention. The ideal cuts for these rings are either princess or round cuts. You can opt for these rings as couple bands as well.
• Vintage rings – If you want your fiancé to have a classic look, you should opt for vintage engagement rings. These rings are amongst the most desired types of engagement rings and an epitome of elegant craftsmanship. When picking a vintage ring, you need to look for inspiration from some classic pieces of jewellery. Such a ring will easily boast of scintillation, brilliance, and maximum fire. The diamonds in these rings can either be bezel-set, basket set, or prong set.
• Halo rings – These rings are more like pave engagement rings. That’s because they involve a similar craft. After all, the halo rings feature a micro pave setting within a halo formation. With this ring, the sparkle will be highlighted by the smaller diamonds thus having a bright and radiant look. Some popular choices for halo rings include oval, pear shapes and Asscher cut diamonds.
• Wedding sets – If you would like the engagement ring to match with the wedding ring, you ought to consider buying a wedding set. These sets offer matching engagement and wedding rings. Furthermore, depending on your jeweller, your rings can be coordinated for a complimenting combination. This is also an option for the bride and groom's wedding rings.

Find the Perfect Fit

Comfort is crucial when looking for a good engagement ring. The ring you pick should perfectly fit on your fiancé’s finger. Therefore, one factor to consider when picking the size will be the design. You must ensure that you pick a design that won’t lose its charm regardless of the ring size. A good engagement ring is one that gently slides to the knuckles. More so, the ring shouldn’t fall off the finger. Furthermore, an engagement ring is quite expensive, therefore, you need a fit that can’t easily slide out. Sizing isn’t an arduous process; however, you will notice that sizing is different for men and women. For the perfect sizing, consider getting a plastic mould made or measure the size online. When taking the measurements, there are a few precautions to make. They include:

• Choosing a finger and the hand to put the ring on because the sizes can differ.
• Taking the measurements in normal weather conditions because the fingers can shrink during cold weather or enlarge during hot weather.

Picking the Right Stone

Besides their healing properties, diamonds are known to signify pure love and unbreakable bonds. Furthermore, these gems are a woman’s best friend and are ideal for both proposal and wedding rings. Purchasing such a ring can help showcase your love to your partner. Besides, it's ideal to find the best ring and ensure that it will please your companion. When selecting the perfect diamond stone, you ought to consider the different shapes and cuts. The shape of the gem indicates its entire geometric proportion. On the other hand, the cuts will help showcase the facets and proportions of the gem. A well-cut gem will have some sparkle and brilliance. The cut is one of the determining factors of the price of your engagement ring. It's also crucial for determining the quality of the gem. Some common cut choices for the gem include princess, round, and hearts and arrows. Besides the cut, you ought to pick a shape that works for you. The round diamonds are occasionally more expensive than the other shapes since they have a cut that produces most sparkle. The advantage of the shape is that it's always personal. Other contemplations to make should include the carat, colour, and clarity of the gem.

Choosing the Metal

The metal of the engagement ring is always its soul. That’s because the metal acts as the base for any ring. Finding the right metal is critical to holding the gem and acting as the base of the engagement ring. Picking the ideal metal for the engagement ring might not be a simple process. However, you can choose from platinum, yellow gold, and white gold. When picking a metal, always consider something that’s within your budget range. Platinum is the most valuable metal and it's amongst the finest pieces to have in a ring. Using platinum as your base helps you increase the sparkle and brilliance of the ring. On the other hand, opting for white gold is also another option that’s also similar to platinum. This is the preferred option for most people who are looking for unique engagement rings. White gold is available in two options, 18K and 14K white gold. Traditional yellow gold rings are common but they provide you with a lavish look. Yellow gold is mostly alloyed with copper and silver to make fine jewellery. If you opt for this metal, you need to remember to clean it frequently with warm water and mild soap.

Buy Within Your Budget

If you are looking for the best engagement ring, you need to consider not only the looks but also your budget. Before a woman commits to a marriage they want to know that their partner values them and they are willing to commit. People in different cultures show this differently but most people use diamonds to prove their love. With all the information that you will find in this article, you can pick an engagement ring that will wow your partner while being within your budget range. For example, platinum is beautiful and it provides the ring with durability and shine, however, it's expensive. To combat this, you can consider platinum alternatives like white gold that still offer scratch resistance and durability.

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