Chronic vertigo is the sensation of a rotation of our environment. Many people have this disease and even live with it. It is very important to know the fundamental points that surround vertigo.  This in order to understand them and to be able to treat them afterwards if it is possible.


If you sometimes feel dizzy, the first thing you should do is to see a doctor. Only he can examine you. And then the doctor can then give a diagnosis of your condition. All symptoms must be taken into account. For example, do you suffer from nausea, or have you vomited, or have you felt a small loss of hearing. All of these questions are important in understanding your condition. You can see all the information about chronic vertigo on a directory of health sites, for example. You can visit stores-locator directory which is a website with useful and reliable medical web addresses, you will know more about this disease in order to better understand it.


Many things can cause chronic vertigo. For the most part, trauma to the ears is the main factor. Ear infections, various traumas, poor blood supply to the ear, … are also quite striking causes of this type of vertigo. There is also Meniere’s disease. It’s a disorder of the ear. This infection in this area can cause a moment of dizziness that can last for hours.  This is not the only cause of vertigo. Intoxication from alcohol, medication, and other drugs can also cause this occasional dizziness.


Before treating vertigo, it is essential to know the cause. The treatment therefore depends on each case. For example, if you want to treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, you need a physiotherapist. He knows how to mobilize and scatter the stones that are the main factors of this vertigo. On the other hand, if it is vestibular neuritis, medication is necessary to act on the ears. It is also possible that the doctor gives antihistamine sedatives, tranquillizing drugs, … Then after a favorable evolution, the physiotherapist comes in to finish the treatment. But in rather important cases, it is sometimes useful to make a hospitalization. And in the most serious cases, a surgical operation is indispensable.